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Welcome to Unique Cindy! Speaker of five languages, traveler in more than seventy cities around the world, artist of various media, I see the world in a unique way and want to share my stories! Curious? Take a look and be ready for surprises!

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Walking down the path

Explore the world with me and you might be amazed by your new discovery! I am delighted to share my stories, my artwork and many other surprises. As Beverly Sills says, “living becomes the act of giving”,  I believe in the power of sharing.

Enjoy my blog!

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New Phototastic Collage

  • Humanitarian: As a global citizen, I believe that the power of reaching out, as small as to my neighbourhood, as large as to developing countries afar. In particular, my humanitarian trips to Thailand in 2013, 2015 and 2017 are my greatest achievements.
  • Artist: Starting to draw at four years old, I have fallen in love with art ever since. The themes and styles of my artwork are highly diverse, especially architecture, nature and story illustration. Numerous distinctions highlight my talent.
  • Entrepreneur: As an entrepreneur, I am learning on a daily basis. Entrepreneurship opens up an infinity of possibilities: it is fascinating and challenging at the same time. Curious about my business? Now my Etsy store UNIQUECINDY is opened, thank you for your support!
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Thank you very much for your interest for Unique Cindy. For any inquiry, please leave your contact information and your message. Looking forward to hear from you!